Here’s what our students and parents have to say:

My experience at The Ballet Barre has been wonderful. I get to learn what I love to do by amazing teachers. The Ballet Barre is more than a place to dance; we are a family. I would never think of learning dance anywhere else!
Morgan L., Newton (age 13)

The amount of heart filled dedication you put into performances like today’s is what I live for. Thank you so much.
Monica P., Budd Lake (age 18)

I’ve loved the Ballet Barre since I was 3 years old and look forward to coming back each year.
Emily G., Blairstown (age 8)

I like The Ballet Barre because of the nice teachers and the recitals.
Jessica B., Newton (age 7)

I love to move to the music and feel so good when I am dancing. I love my dance teacher, Miss Aly! She is lots of fun and a great dancer! My favorite is the recital, being on stage, and the beautiful, sparkly costumes! Ballet Barre is the best!
Sarena H. (age 8)

Thank you for being a wonderful dance teacher and instilling such great attributes in your students.
Nicole K., Hackettstown (former student)

I’ve learned more technique at The Ballet Barre than my other dance school. Mom says she loves the pretty, but age-appropriate costumes and dance steps.
Sydney M., Lafayette (age 8)

Dancing at The Ballet Barre is special for my daughter, Avery, because she knows her mommy danced there. And the teachers have helped her to fall in love with dance by pointing out her abilities. Thank you Suzanne for a great place my daughter can learn and grow as a dancer.
Christine D., Andover (Mom)

You can dance just about anywhere but dancing at the Ballet Barre is the best possible place.
Bridget H., Sparta (age 13)

I love to dance because the moves are fun (sometimes a challenge). The Ballet Barre is a place that makes me feel special. The teachers there are really nice and encourage me to try my best.
Haley C., Sparta (age 9)

Thank you for always pushing me to be my best and for giving me the greatest opportunities in the world.
Kristine G., Fredon (age 17)

Your studio is like a huge family and a support system for anyone who takes classes here.
Shannon S., Sparta (age 16)

This was my daughters’ first recital at your studio, and we were amazed at the caliber of your students’ performances. Thanks for an experience we were proud to be a part of.
Laura W., Andover