Class Descriptions and Attire

3-2-1 Fun! No registration fee or monthly tuition.

3-2-1 FunSpecially designed programs for our youngest students! Classes include singing, dancing, sign language, musical instruments, crafts and story-time; all of which can be adapted to your child’s age and ability.
There’s no registration fee of monthly tuition….just the convenience of drop-in classes. Contact Heather at 973.948.4088 or for more information.

Budding Ballerinas (3 – 5 years of age)

The fundamentals of ballet and tap and/or jazz are introduced in a class format that stimulates creativity and self-expression. Teachers use songs, ballet stories and props as teaching tools.

Attire: Any style leotard, tights or short nylon socks, pink ballet slippers and black patent leather tap shoes or caramel Capezio slip on jazz shoes. Class will commence with tap/jazz shoes (depending which class your child is enrolled in), and children should bring a dance bag into the studio with their ballet slippers in the bag. Dance shoes should have the student’s name written inside or on the bottom.

Combination Classes: Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, Jazz/Tap

Children can choose from classes that combine different styles. They will have fun learning new steps and dance combinations as they develop their coordination, musicality and confidence.

Attire: Any style and color leotard, tights or short nylon socks. Children are permitted to wear dance dresses or ballet skirts.

Ballet/Tap Footwear: Capezio pink ballet slippers and black patent leather tap shoes.

Ballet/Jazz Footwear: Capezio caramel, split sole, slip-on jazz shoes and Capezio pink ballet slippers.

Tap/Jazz Footwear: Black patent leather tap shoes and Capezio caramel, slip-on jazz shoes.

Students in combination classes, which require a change of shoes, should bring a dance bag to the studio with the second pair of shoes in the bag. Dance shoes should have the student’s name written inside or on the bottom.

ballet dancerBallet

Ballet is the basis for most forms of dance including jazz and contemporary. It develops balance, control, strength, flexibility and the technique required of an accomplished dancer.

Attire: Any style, solid leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Dance sweaters, skirts and legwarmers are optional. Long hair should be pulled back off the face and neck. Intermediate and advanced level students are required to wear hair in a bun or securely fastened.


Ballet movements or exercises performed in pointe (or toe) shoes. Intermediate ballet students who demonstrate the required proficiency, technique and strength are permitted to begin pointe work. Students are required to study ballet a minimum of three hours per week. The ballet teacher’s recommendation is a prerequisite.

Attire: Same as ballet; pointe shoes may be European pink or theatrical pink.

jazz dancerJazz (Classic, Lyrical and Broadway/Musical Theater)

Jazz is the form of dance used in musical theater, commercial and entertainment industries. Our classes include warm-up exercises, isolations, traveling steps and dance combinations. Teachers at The Ballet Barre recognize the importance of presenting students with music and movements that are age appropriate.

Attire: Leotards, tights or leggings, split sole, slip-on Capezio caramel jazz shoes.

hip hop girlsHip Hop and Urban Jazz

are upbeat and consist of a basic warm up and lots of funky, high energy moves. Hip hop and Urban Jazz are common sights on today’s music videos. Students are encouraged to express their personality as they learn the latest dance moves appropriate for their age and level of ability.

Attire: Bodywear appropriate for dance class! Capris, jazz pants, dance shorts and tops are acceptable. Jeans and street clothes are not. Students wear black dance sneakers.

modern dancerModern/Contemporary

Students are introduced to the fundamental principles and technical exercises common to modern dance. Classes develop artistic creativity through improvisation and dance composition.

Attire: Leotard, tights or leggings. Students can be barefoot in class (with footless tights) but may require shoes to perform in our dance concerts. Students should speak to their instructor when costumes are being ordered.

tap dancerTap

Our beginning tap classes cover the basic steps of tap technique. Students learn rhythmic sounds produced with metal tipped shoes. As basic steps are perfected, more difficult steps and combinations are learned. As students’ progress to intermediate and advanced levels, they learn both classical tap employing upper body movement and rhythm tap employing syncopated rhythmic variations.

Attire: Leotards, tights or leggings, dance shorts. No street clothes permitted. Footwear is dependent upon class level so students should inquire about the style and color required at registration.