Studio Fees and Class Rates


Studio Fees

Annual registration (nonrefundable) $30.00
Registration for each additional family member $20.00
Returned check fee $20.00
Late charge applied to tuitions received after the 10th $10.00

Annual tuition is divided into 10 equal payments due the first of each month. There may be 3, 4 or 5 classes within a given month but payment is NOT increased or decreased accordingly. Deductions are not made for studio or personal vacation days, illness or closings due to inclement weather.

Missed lessons may be made up at a similar level class. Accounts more than 30 days in arrears must be brought up to date prior to further class participation.


Class Rates

Monthly tuition is based on the length of the class as follows
45 minutes: $62 55 minutes: $70
1 1/4 hours: $81 1 1/2 hours: $91
1 3/4 hours: $101 2 hours: $110
Private 1 hour: $70 1/2 hour private: $35
1 hour semi-private (2 or 3 dancers): $35 per student


Families attending three or more classes per week (excluding adult dance workout) should apply the following discount to their monthly tuition payment. The highest discount will be applied to the shortest class as follows:

3rd class: 10% discount 4th class: 15% discount 5th class: 20% discount
6th class: 25% discount 7th, 8th, 9th classes: 30% discount

An additional 5% discount is applied to annual tuitions paid in full by October 31; however, September and October’s tuition is still due by the 15th of that month. The extra discount will be applied retroactively to the two months’ tuition already received.


Costume Fees

Students performing at the annual dance concerts in June require one costume for each class they attend. (Exception: Students attending 1 or 2 ballet classes per week perform one recital dance; students attending 3 or more ballet classes per week perform two recital dances.)

Recital costumes payments are due by Saturday, December 14


Payment Methods

We accept cash and checks in addition to Visa and MasterCard.