November 17th : Lisa Peluso from the cutting-edge Elisa Monte Dance Company

Master Classes at The Ballet Barre , will expose students to fresh and exciting approaches to dance. 

Dancers, ages 11 and up  are welcome. 

A singular artistic vision combines with vigorous athleticism in the works of Elisa Monte Dance. At once true to its own distinctive style and eager to encompass diverse cultural influences, Monte’s choreography takes a global view of movement that puts the world of dance within her audience’s grasp. Her dancers rise to the creative challenge in an ecstatic display of physical prowess that gives life to an intense array of emotions.

Elisa Monte Dance Company

Lisa Peluso

Elisa Monte Dance Co attracts renowned cross-discipline artists’ attention, support, and collaboration on a wide range of projects. The company’s repertoire features works completed in partnership with composers David Van Tieghem, Glenn Branca, Richard Peaslee, architects Tod Williams, Billie Tsien, photographer Roy Volkmann, and lighting designer Clifton Taylor.

The late Alvin Ailey championed Monte’s work from its beginnings. He brought her first choreographic work, Treading, into his company’s repertoire and also commissioned Pigs & Fishes. The two companies have maintained a strong link ever since. Judith Jamison’s support of Elisa Monte Dance Co has extended that tradition with the commission of Mneumonic Verse.


Please call 973.579.1499 or Email

Advance registration is required.

Intermediate Class: 1:15 – 2:45

Advanced Class: 2:45 – 4:15

Tuition $25 per class 

Master Classes are open to all Dancers $30 per class Its not necessary to attend classes at The Ballet Barre to participate.

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