New COVID -19 Update March 16, 2020

In light of the new recommendations from Governor Murphy, we have made some decisions that will affect our students and their families. The Ballet Barre is temporarily closing for 4 weeks effective Monday, March 16 through Saturday, April 11. Hopefully we will be able to resume regularly scheduled classes Monday, April 13 and conduct classes over spring break.
We know that our students are looking forward to performing at the recitals in June, and we are determined to present a wonderful show. This week our instructors will begin posting dance steps from their recital routines for their individual classes on The Ballet Barre Facebook Page. We will also post links to additional dance classes, yoga and fitness classes for students to stay active at home.
After careful consideration, we have devised a tuition plan which we believe is fair to our families and will allow us to continue to operate.
Since we will be closed for four weeks, a month’s tuition will be waived for all families throughout April, May and June.
I am proposing we do this in 3 increments:
Families whose last names begin with an “A thru H” would not pay tuition for April.
Families whose last names begin with “I thru P” would not pay tuition for May
Families whose last names begin with “S thru Z” would not pay tuition for June. If we are closed for more than four weeks, tuitions will be adjusted accordingly.
We will do our best to positively influence our students so that they remain motivated and optimistic, and that these challenging and stressful will be behind us soon

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